PS no.18 Love issue

With the theme of “Love”, Kith Tsang, Phoebe Man, Yeung Yang, Yan Pat-to, Anthony Leung Po-shan and others have joined in the discussion ardently. Yan Pat-to reviewed the Social Club exhibition that recently held at the Para/Site. Dr David Clarke’s viewpoints in Hong Kong Art – Culture and Decolonization are examined again in PS, this time by Elisa Lai. In his article, “Crossing the Margin”, Yeung Yang intends to demystify the discourse of centre and marginality especially in the context of virtual world. Kith Tsang writes about Tozer Pak in his column “My Treasure Chest”.

Love Cha(t) Love Cha(t) – TSANG Kith Takping(曾德平) 

Chain-emails on Love – collaboration/edited by – MAN Phoebe Chingying(文晶瑩) 

On Love – YEUNG Yang(楊陽) 

Evidence of Love – YAN Patto(甄拔濤) 

Mum – MAN Phoebe Chingying(文晶瑩) 

Confession to Mum – LEUNG Anthony Poshan(梁寶山) 

Professionalism and Participation in Art – Thoughts after Participating in “Sociall Club” – YAN Patto(甄拔濤) 

Reading Hong Kong Art – Culture and Decolonization – LAI Eliza Meilin(黎美蓮) 

Crossing the Margin – YEUNG Yang(楊陽) 

Critical Chop Shui – Untitled – LEUNG Janice Wanyee(梁允怡) 

Art & Perfection. Made it a Double. – TSANG Kith Takping(曾德平)

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