Jan 1, 2002 – Dec 31, 2002

2002 Exhibitions


Jan 15 – Feb 09

Re-Considered Crossings: Representation Beyond Hybridity OCTOBER 2001 IN VIENNA/ JANUARY 2002 IN HONG KONG

Featured artists:
Andreas Dworak, Susanne Gamauf, Maria Hahnenkamp, Ralf Hoedt & Moira Zoitl, Karl-Heinz Klopf & Sigrid Kurz, Walter Mirtl, Waltraud Palme, Klaus Pamminger, Josef Wais, Robert Zahornicky, Norman Jackson Ford, Dominique Harris


Jan 19

Public Lectures

Featured artists: Ramesh Kumar Biswas, Sylvia Eiblmayr, Elizabeth Shelbrage


Jan 19 – Jan 20

Chiasmus / Conversation II: 2 Day Symposium

Featured artists:
Susanne Gamauf, Andreas Dworak, Walter Mirtl Ramesh Kumar Biswas (Vienna), Sylvia Eiblmayr (Vienna), Ackbar Abbas (HKU), Leung Chi Wo (HK), Tsang Tak Ping (HK), Karl-Heinz Klopf (Vienna), Klaus Pamminger (Vienna), Laurent Gutierrez Valerie Portefaix (HK)


Feb 20 – Mar 10

Social Club

Featured artists:
Carol ARCHER, David Clarke, Kum Chi Keung, Fok Sui Tong, GUTIERREZ + PORTEFAIX, Stephen Lam, Freeman Lau, Evelyna Yee Woo Liang, Patrick Lee, Patrick Lee, Leung Chi Wo, Leung Chin Fung, Janice Leung Wan Yee, Tim Li, Sandra Liu, Theresa Mikuria, Norman Jackson Ford, Morgan O’Hara + Chef Lai, Chun Poon, Hector Rodriguez, Sin Yuen, Tamshui, Tricia Tang, Dorothy Wan, Domin Wong, Kacey Wong, Sara Chi Hang Wong, Yao Yinan, Clara Yeung KWan Wai, Yeung Yang, Yip Lai Lam, Yan Pat To, Tsang Tak Ping, Dan Yi Zheng, Madeleine Marie Slavick, Linda Lai


Mar 20 – Apr 28

Start from the Body….:painting work by Sin Yuen

Featured artist: Sin Yuen


Mar 29 – Jun 29

Para Site @Gwangju Biennial 2002: Kwangju Biennial 2002 – Group Show: (Pause)

Featured artists:
Lisa Cheung, Tsang Tak Ping, Leung Chi Wo, Sara Wong Chi Hang, Phoebe Man Ching Ying, Tim Li, Tamshui, Leung Po Shan, Yeung Yang, Evelyna Liang Yee Woo, Janice Leung


Apr 01 – Jun 30

Prescription and Interpretation – A collaborative project by Tim Li, Steven Lam and Chun Poon

Featured artists: Tim Li, Steven Lam, Chun Poon


May 17 – Jun 23

May Fung: Everything starts from “Here”

Featured artist: May Fung


Jul 01, 2002 – Jan 01, 2003

bits cloud rice, the 3rd crop

Featured artists:
Mary Cheung, Johnson Chui, Wan Wai Nang, Cheung Kuen Kuen, Cheung Ting Mei, Louis Chan, Psyche Wan


Jul 04 – Aug 11

Someone’s Done It Before

Featured artists:
Michael Cheng, Joey Luk, Millie Chan Man Yee, Yip Man Wah, Ron Lam, Hui Fong Wah, Tse Yuet-na


Sep 20 – Oct 13

Joint Solo Exhibition: Nam June Paik Un-Plugged by Clare Goodwin Tracer by Cecilia Heisser

Featured artists: Clare Goodwin Tracer, Cecilia Heisser


Nov 02 – Nov 30

Hong Kong artists retrospective II: The Red Twenty Years of Ricky Yeung Sau-churk

Featured artist: Ricky Yeung Sau-churk



Thanks to the generous support of a Project Grant from the Arts Development Council, we will be adding more information and archival materials for these exhibitions in 2019. 

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