Jan 1, 1998 – Dec 31, 1998

1998 Exhibitions


Jan 03 – Jan 17

Night Lights: Photographic Work by Lisa Cheung

Featured artist: Lisa Cheung


Jan 07 – Feb 08

Victoria Tunnel

Featured artist: Leung Chi Wo


Jan 07 – Feb 08

Entering a Creature

Featured artist: Chris Lo Sze-lim


Jan 15 – Apr 11

Window: a 24-hour showcase

Featured artists: Winnie Fung, So Yan-kei, Lam Wai-kit , Lam Yuk-lin


Jan 17 – Jan 21

4 Soloists

Featured artists: Lee Man Sang, Nelson Hiu, Chan Wai Fat, Ling Lee


Jan 31 – Feb 07

Serial 1

Featured artists: Uncarved Block


Feb 11 – Feb 13

Art Life for 72 Hours: Multi-Media Performance by Kwok Mang-ho

Featured artists: Kwok Mang-ho


Feb 13 – Feb 22

Home: Chan Ho-fung Photography Exhibition

Featured artist: Cedric Chan Ho-fung


Feb 18 – Mar 01

Existence + Revelation: Photography Exhibition by Almond Chu

Featured artist: Almond Chu


Mar 18 – Apr 09

The Portraits of Sur l’Assitte’s Family: Conceptual Photography by Au Wai-lin

Featured artist: Au Wai-lin


Mar 18 – Apr 19

Local Orientation

Featured artist: Sara Wong Chi-hang


Mar 18 – Apr 19

Margins & Digits: An Orientation

Featured artist: Patrick Luk


Apr 17 – May 17

Porcelain White

Featured artist: Fiona Wong Lai-ching


May 13 – May 31

A Poem Without A Title

Featured artists: Leung Mee Ping, Wong Canran


May 30 – Jun 19

Touch – Phoebe Man Installation

Featured artist: Phoebe Man Ching-ying


Jun 16 – Jul 05

Coffee Shop

Featured artists:
Sara Wong Chi-hang , Leung Mee-ping, Anthony Leung, Phoebe Man Ching-ying, Leung Chi-wo, Tsnag Tak pink, Patrick Lee


Jun 24 – Jul 24

Love the Fucking Country: An Exhibition by Anthony Leung

Featured artist: Anthony Leung Po-shan


Jul 14 – Aug 02


Featured artists:
Brett Jones and Sara Stubbs (Australia), Gabrielle Jennings (USA), Huang Wen-hao (Taiwan), Chris Heaphy (New Zealand), Yvonne van der Velden (Netherlands), Leung Chi-wo (Hong Kong) , Ryszard Dabek (Australia)


Jul 30 – Aug 18

Standard Figure: An Installation by Sit Lik-hoi

Featured artist: Sit Lik-hoi

Aug 05 – Aug 21

Spirit Region: Photo Installation by So Hing-keung

Featured artist: So Hing-keung


Aug 15 – Sept 04

Passage/ Interaction

Featured artists: Virgina Chu, Ling Lee


Aug 25 – Sep 06

The eyes can’t see the back of the head? Interaction-space of figure + typography + gallery: Painting Installation by Esther Liu

Featured artist: Esther Liu


Sep 05 – Sep 30

There Hey! Here! Photographic Installation by Ng Hoi-chi

Featured artist: Ng Hoi-chi


Sep 23 – Oct 27

Movement and Installation by Twenty Beans + A Box

Featured artist: 20 beans + A box


Oct 16 – Oct 30

Perusing Culture

Featured artist: Tse Yim-on


Nov 04 – Dec 11

Wall to Window

Featured artists: Tony Chan Wai-Bong, Celia Ko, Margaret Lam Choi Kwan, Leung Man-Ho, Tse Yim-On


Dec 04 – Dec 31


Featured artist: Tsang Tsui-mei



Thanks to the generous support of a Project Grant from the Arts Development Council, we will be adding more information and archival materials for these exhibitions in 2019. 

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